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female film collective

Female Film Collective
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Female Film Collective is a women based filmmaking community. I created it to empower BIPOC female filmmakers. I share the latest of filmmaking industry news and events, and I highlight the best of emerging and established BIPOC women in film.

I have a leadership role as the founder. What I have learned while creating this non profit, is that: BIPOC female filmmakers need a voice and representation in the entertainment industry, now more than ever.
At FFC, I tell meaningful stories through a powerful women empowered message. I write, produce, and curate forward thinking, socially relevant, photo and video content across social media platforms. Additionally, I create workshops, seminars, and educational events for underrepresented female filmmakers.
My vision for what Female Film Collective can be, is blossoming. I am hoping to collaborate with like minded creatives who want to see it come to life. My dream is to expand internationally.
If you would like to contribute to Female Film Collective please email me at

Kimisha Renee Davis


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