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"Thanks so much for joining us at this year's Amazon Fall Kickoff event at The Maybourne Hotel in Beverly Hills! So happy that I got to see you there! Can't wait to see you soon at one of our next events!"

Rafy E., Amazon Digital Manager

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digital creator

Although I prefer behind the camera, I am a social butterfly. I am often asked and invited to attend premieres, events, and activations. I am honored to be an influencer and brand collaborator. I am widely known for my unique content. Email me in the contact section for bookings.


Premieres, Events, &
Brand Activations

Having a special event, brand activation, or screening you think I'd be right for? I adore socializing, networking, and dressing for success from casual to red carpet ensembles. I am Los Angeles based and I am open to traveling and exploring new and exciting opportunities and destinations.


Story Driven Content &
Creative Collaboration

I love bringing stories to life and producing moving images that engages, enriches, and enlightens our community. Ways that we can work together include: embedded marketing within my film, television, and game productions, branded content posts, stories, and videos for social media, as well as product collaborations and exclusive partnerships.


Ambassadorships &

Interested in working with me and creating a relationship of collaboration? I hope to use my platform and my voice to inspire others and influence with purpose.

I am interested in campaigns with like minded brands that share my commitment to create

positive change.


Black Marble


My handle is @iamkimisharenee. I love sharing my filmmaking, travel, and wellness adventures.


I am the founder of @femalefilmcollectiveI create and curate impactful content that empowers BIPOC women filmmakers!


Additionally, I'm into keeping a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I"m into fitness, I'm empowered to practice yoga and meditation, and I live a plant based lifestyle,  


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